Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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patrick (ONE)

Sleeping in blue Canvas upon wood, I to you Tone upon tone, give me reason heart and soul, body and mind Awaken, eyes open, mind in complex thought Somewhere so far away from here look and explore the picture plane of colour , they run to you, an open door to an open mind flat forms destroy illusion and reveal truth my attempt to escape from evil. In melancholy and loneliness canvases of colours call for your companionship Time on this world so out of joint from the nothing into the infinite look to you as you do they among sadness of history, of war tones weep from the heart and soul sleeping in blue,heartbreaking words from 1942 dreaming of abstract painting into the arms of reason gazing into the infinite this unknown, the very reason to be. something that has always been inside the soul of my maker, the unexplainable feeling to express, I take your companionship and frame it, then take shape into your eyes expanding, I see you for the first time, I see you so far away somewhere so far away from here