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Belligerent Declaration (James Koppert (Vocals), Kai Beanland (Guitar), Ryan York (Guitar), Ben Rboson (Bass), Dave Parker (D)

BD formed in the summer of of 2001 with the intent to play real punk rock with meaning. That was it. No intentions of becoming stars, making money or conforming to any of that bullshit to many money grabbing arsehole musicians (lets face it, thats most of them) aspire to. BD are not amazing musicians, but they simply play with passion from the heart and there energetic live show are filled with dramatic intensity that are always memorable. The band are pleased to have not fitted into any hardcore niche remaining uncatergrisable by mixing Hardcore/oi/emo and there own brand of pink floyd ambiant weirdness without being up there own arses. All the music is written as a tool to fight capitalism and spread the ethos of revolutionary anarchy and it has gotten the band into trouble with right wing groups. However the band says fuck you and carries on. Belligerent Declaration are simply five working class lads from Scarborough town who love each other, love hardcore punk and love the world enough to try and make it better. Because of that they couldnt give a flying fuck what you think of them as they would be playing if audiences are 1000 or 1. Thats integrity, that's Belligerent Declaration, that's why they are popular and get shows all around the country and that ladies and gentleman is why they laugh at sad twat musoes in their town that are looking for the gold and stay in the town. Fuck off

  • Dirt Deep InsideBeating up nonces' solves nothing apart from driving them underground where they can't be monitored. This is simply a song begging anyone thinking of committing an act of child abuse not to as your few minutes/hours of sexual enjoyment is not worth the lifetime of psychological torture it often causes. Don't.
  • Blood For Oil