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Mawnin (Mawn)

I have completed my degree in Creative Music Technology in Scarborough. I have been doing a variety of projects. I have done guest solo appearances for other bands in Dronfield and Chesterfield but have been mostly working on a project called SpaTheM. After a long break I have returned to the writing block and the creative scene. There are new songs in the works and will hopefully be uploaded soon. Cheers Previously member of Brevity.

Inspiration: Gary Moore, Nightwish, ASIA, Kate Bush, MUSE, Van Halen and others

  • Radio Jingle 1A longer radio jingle I created
  • Mawnin of MysteryAnother instrumental that originally had images to go with it. Possibly a more recent attempt at something like The Storm.
  • The StormAn attempt at an electro/dance track. I think there may have been a version of this where strings replaced most of the guitars. The guitar at the beginning sounds a bt rough, but it fits much better once the rest of the instruments kick in :)
  • There You Go
  • Act III - The VoiceGood & Evil are taunting each other after the latest battle. Then The Goddess of Neutrality sends a messenger to relay her voice to her siblings that she will no longer take any interest in them. They get angry :P (Probably the best of the tracks)
  • Candles
  • Brevity (by Brevity)Final track from the Brevity live set Self-titled track Epic :P
  • InstrumentalJust an instrumental piece I created a few years ago
  • The Monsters In Your ClosetRather old song from the early 2000's, which has existed in various guises, but always epic & with a crow.