Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Psilanthropy (Luke Hudson - Vocals // Valeri Popov - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals // Liam Bryan - Rhythm Guitar // Andy Wilson - Bass Guitar // Sam Anderson - Drums)

About Psilanthropy Unsigned, but dedicated to changing the face of rock. Psilanthropy? What? How do you say it? How do you spell it? What does it mean? Fuck that! Psilanthropy are an upcoming band from York, breaking through a thick layer of emo and indie mucus, to sit their cock rock arses at the top! It's hard to define Psilanthropy's genre or style of music, put it can be put simply with this formula... Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll + Youth + Guitar Shreddery + Epic Emotion & Humour + Funk = Psilanthropy! BUT! It doesn't finish with the music. Psilanthropy put on a show you won't forget, you can mosh to it, skank to it, shag to it, whatever the hell you want to it! Regular fan drunkard Sozzy Bozzard says a Psi gig is "a fusion of crazy, well performed, excitable music and fantastic fans to create something that other bands can only dream of building" Yeah, it's so good, even a bloody drunk remembers it! So are you a bit of a nutcase? Like a good pit? Too pissed to understand progressive metal but not THAT pissed that you can't enjoy a normal rock show? Find it hilarious when a 7 foot tall bassist pulls a straining face? Hate those fucking "tribute" bands who sound like every other pissing band that's famous already? Love OLD SCHOOL METAL? Look no further! Come to a Psilanthropy gig!

Inspiration: Slayer, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Dragonforce, System Of A Down, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Arch Enemy, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue

  • Ex NihiloThis song is extremely different for Psilanthropy, moving away from metal to concentrate on creating a genuine, emotional atmosphere.
  • The Divine RetributionThis is the first song the band ever played together. Written by Valeri Sayers and Sam Anderson, it's evil undertones and dark atmosphere delivers an epic experience for the audience. This is one of the band's favourite songs.
  • My Final MinutesThe story of fear and panic. Psilanthropy's hit song, enjoyed by everyone.
  • EnmityEmnity vividly depicts anger and hatred with exploding vocals, aggresive riffs and harsh solos.
  • The Battle Of Funeral FieldThis is Psilanthropy's tribute to power and symphonic metal, they've got the huge magnificent solos, the powerful lyrics, and most importantly, it's EPIC. If you like Maiden, you'll love this one.