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Feds (Laurence Piercy - Bass, Louis Romégoux - Vocals/Guitar, Josh Jones - Drums, Will Randle - Guitar)

Feds formed in June 2003. We're a young band (still very much in our teens). Wed all been in various minor Sheffield bands before such as Mezzo, Stigma, KarmaSupra and Elysian Fields before deciding to form Feds. Although weve only been around a couple of years now, we've already played a large number of gigs (around 30) in Sheffield at venues such as The Casbah, The Leadmill, Boardwalk, City Hall Ballroom and weve always got some gigs lined up. We did five gigs in France in August 2004, which was kind of a mini-French tour. It was a very enjoyable experience for us playing in a foreign country to different audiences. Were returning to France in Summer 2005 to play some more concerts, though this time its going to be exclusively acoustic stuff, much of it from Louis Romégouxs (Feds frontman) solo repertoire. We have recently featured in a short film entitled 'Knitting a love song' which was shown at The Cannes Film Festival 2004, featured at the 2005 London Film Festival and was nominated at the 2005 Bafta awards. Our song 'Casablanca' from our debut EP is played live by us in a gig scene in the film. How do we sound? Well, thats not an easy question to answer. Feds is a band that is never one thing. Where we are metal, were also reggae. Where we are grungey, were equally as indie. Of course the best way to discover how we really sound is by listening to some of our songs on this site, but nevertheless Sandman Magazine Sheffield summed up our sound to a fairly accurate degree in describing us as 'spacey garage rock with a touch of all sorts including cod reggae a la police...pretty damn good'. Wed say thats a pretty fair summary of our sound, although our sound is ever evolving. Bands people have likened us to range from: Janes Addiction, to Interpol, to Cave In, to the Mars Volta, to Pearl Jam, to British Sea Power, to Starsailor, to Jeff Buckley, to bands such as Coheed and Cambria and At The Drive-In. We have recorded two CDs, our 4-song debut EP entitled 'Moon Rider' and a second 3-Song Vivarais EP. Our 'Moon Rider EP' has been described by as "shooting through with a genuinely creative seam that brims with ideas" and 'major progress, for a band still in their infancy" and said also of our EP 'Feds provide an enjoyable spectacle and provide a refreshingly original sound'. Some of the tracks from both these releases can be found for your aural pleasure on this site please have a listen, its all free so you might as well! Plans are afoot for a third CD, although there are no fixed dates for this as yet. Were thinking Summer/Autumn 2005, but as we said, nothings certain yet. What we can say is, the 3rd EP will be a professionally done affair and we want it to be our best ever release yet!

Inspiration: Jeff Buckley, Cave In, A Perfect Circle, AFI, Deftones, Sonic Youth, Regina Spektor, Neil Young, Children of Bodom, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, The Pink Fairies, Queensryche, Jane's Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, Matamah, The Police, Interpol, Bob Marley