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Tom Jackson (Tom Jackson - vocals, guitar, drums, piano, traditional African percussion. strings, synths.)

I am a solo artist been playing the piano since a very early age which gave me my foundation in music theory. Self taught in everything I've played so far, started playing piano at 4, got into music tech and used piano knowledge to start creating electronica at about 17, moved to drums for a couple of years, played in various local bands as a drummer, progressed to guitar about 2 years ago and that's where we are today. Still play hand drums but not touched a full kit for a good 2 years. Bringing this all together I've finally settled on a musical style that I am more than happy to create and actually listen to afterwards. Until now its been one or the other, but acoustic guitar based music is where my heart is right now. Who knows where it will be tomorrow.

Inspiration: Ben Harper, Damien Rice, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews

  • Last In The SeriesA purely instrumental song to get you into Tom's style of playing, harmonic, gentle and with feeling
  • Look Me In The Eye
  • Katie, We'll SeeThis song is about that girl you always see in your dream but you have no idea who she is... you know the one I mean :)
  • Ultraviolet IlluminationA song about a guy who's very attached to his imaginary girlfriend... but on realising she's not real, has to take steps to phase her out, but he sure aint happy about it
  • I'm DoneA sad song for all those who know what its like to get your heart ripped out.
  • End of the LineA song about being misled, and how to deal with breaking up, don't worry about it, chin up n all that ;)
  • We Always Have NothingThe introduction to the album. First song recorded with the new studio. A short but pleasing classical piece, plenty of strings and piano