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State Of Static (Danny Casteel, Jonathan Amann, Elliott Sutherland, Rick Mulner)

Hey all its stateofstatic...4 guys who try to play music, and every now and then suck less. Danny Casteel is vox, guitar, and drums. Elliott Sutherland is vox, guitar, and drums. Jonathan Amann is vox, guitar.....ok you're probably begining to see a pattern here. HAH! Rick just plays bass. Thats all we let him play, since he plays every other insturment better than us. It all started off a few years ago (2002)...met this guy named Danny at a party and there happened to be a fender acoustic laying around. So we start singing some random party songs drunk, and have been doing it ever since. In 03' we ran into Elliott, who could also play/sing drunk. So we now had three alcoholics that knew sublime and some other shit, sort-of. Over that time we all had crazy experiences that made us write things now and then. Horray for power cords, cause now we had our own songs! For a short time we attempted to play some shows, but in the end reverted back to our roots, playing at parties and just having fun. Over the last two years the songs began to accumulate at a pretty rapid rate the better we got at playing, untill people we knew started getting pissed that the only time they could see us play was the next party we went to. Then a few months ago we met Rick, an awesome bass player who lives on a house boat. He's basicly been the foot that has kicked our proverbial asses into gear. So we're starting to record seriously, go on tour (West Cutless 05'!), and line up shows. We all hope you like what you hear on this site. We know it sucks, but were lazy.

Inspiration: Dispatch, Sublime, Jack Johnson, Beatles, Pearl Jam, Gavin DeGraw, Jimmy's Chicken Shack, Matchbox 20