Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Space Sage (Jonathan Figura-Drane and James Stone)

James and I stumbled across a midi sequencer i had and decided to make music. We both study at Manchester Uni and live in the same house so it's easy. I come up with the tunes and he generally does the technical bit. Hello everyone we know. Splig's a bender. The picture is James. Shit, only just realised i hadn't uploaded the actual song data, will do it soon. Also we have a couple of new ones that will go on shortly.

Inspiration: Infected Mushroom, Lamb, Damien Rice, Flaming Lips

  • SoapBasically, i (jon) penned this when i was hung over after seeing hydrid at sankeys in manc, hence the breaks drum loop. I think the guitar part is cool, but only cos i got to play around with a new VST. still needs to be mastered, this is an early version.