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pointZEROone (David Fanning, Chad Burdine, Will Claytor)

Combine raw electric power, dynamic lyrical energy with sheer musical brilliance, and a dash of elegance and what you have is one of the most distinctive bands this year, breaking out of the Huntsville, Alabama, music scene: PointZEROone (PZO). Their sound has been praised throughout the Southeast by area critics and fans alike. PZO offers powerful songs with intense emotion, thought provoking steel-strong lyrics filled with passion and drive, including an eclectic style that attracts fans of all ages. The band's passion for music shines when this group plays to a "standing-room-only" crowd. Their energetic live performances and powerful sound has a pulsating beat and is satisfying rock that stays with you. Influences include Goo Goo catchy melodies and singable choruses propelled by David Fanning's clear vocals, adding richness to their live sound. Together now for one year, PZO consists of singer/songwriter/guitarist and main representative to the press, David Fanning, lead guitarist/songwriter/vocals Dave Haselton, bassist (hired), and drummer Chad Burdine - all accomplished musicians. They are determined, dedicated, reliable, punctual, and talented. No drug or alcohol problems here. They share the same musical interests, possess good, realistic and professional attributes; and are purpose driven with one musical vision. One of the most influential artists, David Fanning, helped shape the success of PZO. As a songwriter, he was showcased at the Songwriters Festival in Nashville along with Grammy award-winning songwriters. Each member of the band has had extensive musical experience. PZO has shared the stage with national acts such as: Sugar Ray, Uncle Kracker, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Blues Traveler. Catching PZO live is an exciting pleasure. They possess a powerful stage presence, offer a positive vibe, feel-good melodies with thought provoking lyrical content. The song "The Show" is about individuality, being who you are all the time. Fanning's favorite line in "The Show" is "You try so hard to be someone when it isn't who you are." He realizes it's easy to become a shallow person who fakes life just to "fit in" and encourages others to not fall in that trap. David is the same on and off stage, proving himself not only through words but by action. In 2005, PZO took ambition and talent in hand to pursue a career as professional recording artists; unleashing their debut album, Day In the Sun, available at iTunes, CD Baby, iSound, multiple local coffee shops and music stores. The album has received support from Tennessee-Valley television and radio stations. They performed for excited fans at Huntsville's Von Braun Center as well as at live shows packed with old and new admirers at Big Spring Jam, Huntsville, AL; Loretta Lynn's Ranch in TN, festivals, high schools, colleges and multiple Summer camps and benefits. Always influencing and encouraging kids to reach for their dreams. PZO's fans are most important to them and are the reason they perform. Everyone can feel PZO's love for music at their shows; they are the "real thing", creating an amazing fan base everywhere they play. PZO plans to go forward and continue to reach into their hearts, writing songs that people can relate to, and touching the souls of their audiences of all ages, ethnic groups, and social classes. Their music is the most direct line to the heart of what they are all about. Their message will enlighten you, their live show will impassion your soul, their songs tell a story, their dynamics make you look twice, listen longer, and feel better. They are professionals, taking necessary steps in order to take the band international, paving the way for a long and successful career.