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JDonn (JDonn)

JDonn whose real name is Jorge, lived and grew up in Barcelona (Spain) and since he was young he loved the music. His early compositions were at 9 years old; JDonn jealously guarded all his compositions and albums for years. Melodies and lyrics created and compiled, everything went normal until 2001, after a bad experience in the music business decided to take charge of their own music and began learning to make electronic music from the PC at home. His first physical cd was in 2003 called â??Back To Beginâ? and release JDonn online without much luck, well illusioned, they heard several record labels to become their first album material. A year later he recorded a new demo â??What I Meanâ? album by the time he decided not to make public. Finally after several individual songs, JDonn decided to take new song in February 2008, â??Recycling Fearsâ? was the answer to both fear and silence time to get back out into the musical scene. They arrived two more songs, â??Rude Loversâ? and â??Another Day, Another Dramaâ?, â??No More Ordinary Daysâ? and â??Memories I Have To Forgetâ? be promoted in the music platform lastfm quite acceptance. JDonn began to finish what would be his album back but finally â??Life Is Winterâ? remained unpublished. JDonn proposed to MCeesay working as a producer of which is his current album â??Inventionsâ? a groundbreaking album full of diverse musical styles and rich in imagination and creativity.

Inspiration: Madonna, Darren Hayes, Michael Jackson