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Connal Magee ()

Started producing when i 19 and have been doing it for around 5 years now. I started out DJing and producing but decided to constintrate on my production as there is more of a future in it so i went to university. I also was in the band Lethergy, in which i play keyboard/synth. Now i have just finished university and im currently seeking employment, my skill lay in film music and also in the studio and in post production. Will add more songs soon just waiting for Copyrighting to be processed

Inspiration: Trance, Hard House, Psk Trance, Infected Mushroom, Celtic Cross, ramdom other bands

  • FinderI made this song for Recording Skills 2, i originally tried to encorperate the vocal sample into a song a few years ago but failed. This time round i think i have done alright. Made using mostly Reason3 and Cubase3. Big thank to John Rice and Tom Mardsden for Mic and Recording
  • What ya Got for meRemix of one of my favourite songs. This is the song that got me into uni and is only a sample to stop tidy form sueing my ass
  • ForgottenCreated for a mixed media dvd in 3rd year of uni