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Deep voice baritone of love â??King Loverrâ? known to his fans as the â??King Of Romance Musicâ? was born May 11, 1984. Singing since the age of 8, and writing since the age of 13 â??King Loverrâ? is an amazing talent compared to greats such as the Late great Barry White, the Late great Isaac Hayes, and smooth jazz singer Will Downing. Born into a singing family â??King Loverrâ? always dreamed of one day making it big. By the age of 15 â??King Loverrâ? started a group with a friend which was a duo called â??Ready 4 Loveâ?. By the time â??King Loverrâ? turned 18 he went solo, and his voice got deeper so he started listening to singers such as â??Barry Whiteâ? Isaac Hayes, Christopher Williams, and Will Downing to find his own unique sound. In the summer of 2007 â??King Loverrâ? posted some of his music material on the website The people were constantly asking for more music from him, and where they could buy his album. Known for his hit songs â??Gonna Make It Up To Youâ?, and â??Loving Youâ? â??King Loverrâ? voice is recognizable instantly for his truly one of a kind style. Since then â??King Loverrâ? instantly became an internet celebrity overnight just type in his name in almost any internet search heâ??s basically everywhere. Looking out for his debut album â??Born To Be Romanticâ? coming soon from the â??King of Romance Musicâ? himself â??King Loverrâ? in 2009. For those who need to contact King Loverr" for booking, and events Contact â??King Loverrâ? at: Phone number: 803-478-4719. Email address: Websites: Http:// Add me as a friend on Facebook