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Lugosi (Robert-Jan de Pauw, Ferry Lauwerijssen, John de Haas, Hans Wilders)

At the end of 2007, Ferry Lauwerijssen (ex-Bob Miller and the Nightmares), Robert-Jan de Pauw (ex-Bob Miller and the Nightmares) and Hans Wilders (ex-Bob Miller and the Nightmares/ex-Stockholm Syndrome) teamed up to form a new Rockendale band. It was quickly decided that Fer and Rob would play guitar and Hans would play drums. Since, they were still short on a bass player, John de Haas (who, at that time, had never played bass before in his life) was asked to join the group. During the first rehearsal together with John (ex-Second to None/exLugosi rocks-Dead Rivers), back then already being the modest guy he still is, he declared he would be the best bass player ever to have walked on the face of the earth in no time (with the possible exception of Gene Simmons). Fer, Rob and Hans decided he would fit right in. Under the influence of Hungarian Horror-Legend Bela Lugosi, old Horror movies, brothels, whores and bands like Refused, Shellac and Fugazi the first songs were written. Each of which contained no more than four lines of text at a maximum. Since, four lines of text is quite a lot to remember, it was decided that the band might benefit from the addition of a seperate vocalist. Sander van Oers (ex-Coffinkids) was approached and quickly agreed to join the band. However, Sander, being the lazy bum he is, never showed up at rehearsals and so he was quickly thrown out again. Instead, both Rob and John, quickly developed the best voices and memory skills humanly possible. In fact, they got so good that they managed to go beyond the dreaded four line text boundary. Lugosi was born. In June 2008 the first seven songs were recorded at Studio 195. Even though every single song would have been an instant number one hit, had Lugosi decided to release them, they knew, being Lugosi, they could do infinitely better. And so, they decided to throw everything away and start anew. Nine months later, Bordello was born. Official website:

Inspiration: Shellac, Dead Kennedys, Fugazi, Mudhoney