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Spotlight (everyone in the spotlight theatre group)

The next show is Wind in the Willows, and things are a little different eh! Stephen Picton is writing/has nearly written the script and James (Jimbo) Leggett is writing the music. This space is intended as a portal to allow cast members to listen to the songs as they are written to give them a chance to hear how they will sound. If you have any questions, or would like help learning your part, just ring Jimbo!

  • Messing about in boatsThis is the rats song, with slight harmonies by moley. The big ending is courtesy of whatever the chorus happen to be this time!!
  • Living in a holeThis is moley's song, but the rabbits all pop out of the ground to sing the ahhs!
  • Piper at the gates of dawnThis is a big chorus song, controlled by Pan that signals dawn/the beginning of spring.
  • Up Tails All!This song was intended to be acapella, thus the very brief accompaniment! This is for the ducks (chorus!!)! :D
  • The Christmas CarolThis is the Christmas carol for the end of act 1, it will be in unison a few times, then harmonies folks...
  • Pans song/Wind in the WillowsThis is the first song of the show, the very opening......
  • Gypsy ToadThis is Toads song for when he hits the road in his canary coloured cart. This version is a bit too free with tempos, but it does give an impression of how the song will be. I messed around with all kinds of pots and pans, but had to get the drums out in the end.
  • Wild Wild WoodThis song is for the Head Weasel and Rat. It is supposed to be eerie, but i just sing it drably! Ignore the words i sing, use the lyrics in the script eh.
  • Dolce Domum
  • If you get down in da woods today...This song is for all the weasels (chorus). You all sing this when moley finds herself lost in the wood. No apologies for the unashamedly funky break in the middle! More Average White Band than Parliament tho..
  • Living undergroundThis is badger and mole's song, although of course the rabbits get a good look in at the end!
  • Guilty!This is the first song of act 2...
  • I do love carsThis is the first part of this 'excessive' song, it is another of toads big moments. He will be accompanied by some lovely ladies too, but i havn;t written that bit yet!
  • Woe is toadThis is toads song when he thinks he;s never going to get out of prison.
  • Liberate your feminine toad!This is the washer womans song!
  • Must summer go so fleetly?This is rats song when everybody leaves him to migrate south for the winter.
  • The wind of the willows repriseThis is the version that happens the second time it is sung
  • Call of the seaThis is the way faring rats song
  • Mr ToadWhen toady is sprung for the prison he gets a bit cocky...
  • Welcome to a wild toad hall!When the weasels are all partying in toad hall they sing this version of the wild wood song.