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Richard Hiorns (Richard Hiorns)

I'm an independent musician/ singer/ songwriter currently based in the Midlands, U.K. I have been writing and performing songs for about 25 years in England, Ireland, and the U.S. I recently released my 9th independent album, 'February'. I make all the CD'S at home from start to finish, including CD covers and play most of the instruments myself. When playing live it's usually just me strumming a 12 string guitar and singing, sometimes whipping out the harmonica if I don't like the crowd.

  • FEBRUARYFEBRUARY She donâ??t come down from the hills anymore She pins her hair back behind the door Must have been a dream Must have been unreal And like the rebel pictures of old She wore her smile like some kind of old time movie star In a drive in cinema Oh the wasted frail thing Far behind it all Collecting stones on your street Crawling down the road When youâ??re too low to fall In February Iâ??m going down to the bulb for a while Theyâ??re evicting the painters and sweeping the sky And when the world is clean Nothing left to see And wingless birds fly high above A restless wind blows down somebodyâ??s home In an earthquake zone I see you staring at me From the mirrored wall All those silent glances No words were spoke at all All the snow that falls In February