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Is Shepherd (Ben, Bob & Harry)

Music drives us. To us. it's many things: work and play, heart and soul, past, present and future; a living and a life. Music is our response to the muse - we don't aspire to inspire but to express that which is inspired in us. We see beauty, love, pain and fear, and we create songs, songs which help to align our hearts with our minds. The music Is Shepherd. We live in Newcastle. We have our roots in the soil, our feet on the ground, and our eyes on the horizon. We like rock, and pop, and folk - Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen; Yo La Tengo, Low, Wilco. We aim for music that's uplifting, dynamic and hopeful, a synthesis of all that's close to our hearts and deep in our souls. Variety gives life spice. We like to play live. We swap instruments and shift moods; sometimes we're quiet, sometimes we're raucous. We've been musicians for more than a decade; we've learnt a lot, and we have so much more to learn. The more we play, the more we become ourselves. We're here to stay. We're just about to release our second record "Songs For Sons" (2011) which is a fusion of the tastes and experiences of our new lineup, dealing with parenthood, maturity, our worldview and our hopes for the future. It's the result of a long process of growth and development and we hope it has a positive impact on those who hear it. "Ascendez-Vous" (2008 ) was the early steps of a band finding its feet, the product of our formative years. We hope you like them.

Inspiration: Loads, but I guess you may hear a little Midlake, Fleet Foxes, Wilco, Low etc.