Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Pocket of 3 (Oli Pluck, James Willoughby, Craig Harrison)

Rather than just replicate their recordings on stage, Pocket of 3 aim to put on a proper stage show, merging one song into another with instrumental jams and solos. Pocket of 3 started out as 'The Oli Pluck Project.' As Oli Pluck was growing up, he developed a fascination for making and serving cocktails and the art of flair. The art form of flair took him to places all over the world, judging flair competitions and comparing. He began to write stories of his experiences whilst in places like Dubai and soon he had a large collection of songs that he would play acoustically at clubs. Since then he decided to move away from London, where he was working the bars, to sunny Leeds to allow him to concentrate on his music. This was where he met James Willoughby, a drummer from nearby Huddersfield and they set about turning the acoustic songs into full blown band jams. It wasn't long before a bassist was found by the name of Craig Harrison and with his sick grooves and Jim's flamin-hot licks, the powerhouse was now complete. "Pocket of 3" was ready to take the world on a musical journey!