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GT & The Vow ()

GT & The Vow came out of the ashes of post punk 3 piece No Exit. Formed by singer songwriter Graham Trust, The Vow carried on the No Exit tradition with melancholic melodic songs all beautifully arranged. There are numerous compilations of the best of The Vow and of Graham's solo recordings, but GT & The Vow - Volume 1 is probably the best introduction to their work. The musica ranges from rock to pop to rockabilly to blues to classical and acapella. The one unifying thing is that allare great songs which will never bore you. There is a piece of great news, and that is that Graham Trust and Martyn Gilbert are currently working on an acoustic album scheduled for release at the end of December 2008. Watch this space. Keep rocking

Inspiration: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, U2, The Jam, The Police, The Cure, Magazine, Raadiohead