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Pe Skewer (Cleber "Pé" Skewer-vocals,bass,drums,keyboards;Rene Veiga-all guitars)

Pe Skewer was formed by the musician Cleber "Pé" Skewer in 1999 when recording the first tape "Authority's fallen down".In 2004 recorded the EP "Both singles collection".Pe Skewer plus appears in some official collections and local videos.Only in 2007 the band recorded the first album "�clectique dialectique".Pe Skewer is a band who plays songs between rock and philosophical themes.The band takes two members only:Cleber "Pé" Skewer and Rene Veiga.The band is a real PHILOSOPHICAL band. -Pe Skewer basic discography: -"Authority's fallen down"-1999; -"Both singles collection"-(EP)-2004; -"Praxis & dialetikha"-(EP)-2005 -"Philosophical headmaster grave"-(single)-2007 -"�clectique dialectique"-(ALBUM)-2007

Inspiration: UFO,Judas Priest,The Who,Black Flag,King Crimson