Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Ash (Aislinn Peters)

I'm 14, started writing about 2 years ago but it was all crappy kiddy stuff. Its only the past couple of months I've started having loads of ideas and getting really into the writing. I actually can't go anywhere without about 10 notebooks in my bag and Ive constantly got about 5 songs on the go, its hard to keep up with all the ideas I have cos I dont want to forget anything good. I couldn't live without writing, I spend most of my day doing it! There will be some more songs up here in the next couple of weeks. Download themmm =) Love Ash xxx

Inspiration: My Chemical Romance, Elliot Minor, Your Face [not really], The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Jacks Mannequin, 30 Seconds to mars, something corporate, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Simple Plan, Panic! At The Disco, The Killers etc etc