Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Anna McNicholl (Anna McNicholl: Vocals/Lyrics/Guitar/Cello/Flute - Merle Joyce: Drums & Percussion - Steven Pogson: Recording/Bass/Piano)

Oxford born Anna McNicholl is a 19 year-old singer/songwriter with EDGE!! She doesn't only write acoustic folk/rock but she ranges to alternative full-band soulful interpretations of blues inspired and indie based music. She's all about the words aswell as obscure mixes of Guitar and Cello, Flute, Strings, Organ, Trumpet or any other random instruments she takes a fancy to. Her lyrics are inspired from the quirkyness of Joanna Newsom to the soft blunt qualities of Bob Dylan.

Inspiration: Lisa Loeb, Michelle Branch, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Martha Wainwright, Paula Cole, Patti Smith