Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Lounging Criminals (fawaz asad, aziz ali, ali sleeq, yousef al-qabandi)

3 years ago, with the love for music and aim of being heard, fawaz posted a "need band" sign in the local music store, passing by aziz caught sight and called up, soon enough they were meeting and jamming and writing music. Few weeks passed and both agreed a drummer and bassist had to be found, needless to say no sooner when ali and ahmed popped into the scene and the jamming sessions began. After several gigs and finding each others styles and sounds the L.C felt it was time to rock with their own style and so started to write their own material singing about peace, life, and all in between, with this in mind, the criminals are aiming at one thing..... to rock the world middle east style!!!

Inspiration: dylan, zeppelin, marley, pink floyd and a whole lot more....