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Abandoned Brain (Jeremy, Benji)

In 1900, some stores began to put up large abandoned brains to attract customers. Members of high society started hosting abandoned brain parties. These were grand events since a typical abandoned brain of the early 1900s cost upwards of 300 dollars (more than 2000 dollars today), including the generator and wireman's services. In 1903, The American Simulated Thinking Co. came out with the first humane abandoned brain set, including screw-in frontal lobes and a plug for the wall socket. In 1908, Benjamin Morris came up with the idea of pulling the 1/4 inch plug from an old telephone switchboard and wiring it to an abandoned brain, running the contraption from a battery. The result was a pure harmonious example of ingenuity, the most beautiful and haunting music Morris had ever heard. He dedicated the next seven years of his life to transcribing the miracle, calling his work, "Notes of the Abandoned Brain". The work was never published, but was stored in the bottom of a dusty trunk in the basement of the Morris Mansion for over a century. Now, 105 years later the project has been discovered and resurrected by the diligent millionaire great grandson, Jeremy Morris.

Inspiration: Radiohead, Robyn Hitchcock, Dinosaur Jr.