Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Break Even (Paul, vox/guitar, Rob, Bass, Tom, Guitar, Andy, Drums)

Break Even is a four piece Rock-Punk n ' Roll fantasy from Hull, England. Combining a 60 ' s rock sound with modern song writing, punk sensibilities and massive vocal hooks, they have amassed a considerable fan base in their hometown with help from debut E.P Out of Interest ' . Having spent the past year honing their energetic live performance, Paul (Guitar/Vox), Tom (Lead Guitar), Rob (Bass) and Andy (Drums) are now in talks to release a single, with new material currently being worked on for a debut album. Highlights of their one-year career so far include support slots with Jetplane Landing and The Towers of London, being filmed playing live for BBCi s Spark TV, having a track A-listed by Hull ' s own KCFM radio and being named ones to watch ' by the popular Sandman fanzine. Musically, Break Even could be The Ramones playing U2 on speed with a little help from The Offspring, Pulp and MC5. Their personal musical influences include The Clash, Cribs, Foo fighters, Incubus, Less than Jake, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Ordinary Boys and The Specials. Someday soon Break Even will play the main stage at the Carling weekend and the crowd will bounce along with them in unison. Soon, Hull will be known not just for The Beautiful South or The Paddingtons, but for giving the world Break Even.