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Jim Leggett (Jim Leggett)

Alright, I have just finished my third year long study album, so i thought i'd upload it for opinions etc. Thanks to everyone who's helped along the way, especially Kez, without whom this would all be rubbish! Check out American Quarter and Johnny Boy Roy, i play drums with all that n sing a bit too. On this album, probably my most complete collection of ideas, I've played everything, except 1 bit on gonna go far, and 3 bits on musings, so cheers kez nick n liam for them!! I've played guitar for 2 years n bass for about 4 months, and then made this! Happy listening! As Johnny Boy Roy said 'Now to get on with the rest of my life'......

Inspiration: Jools Owen. Gary Cookson, Keiran Adler, Shaun Church, Nick Golding, Johnny Boy Roy

  • Holdin' OnI went on a speech therapy course and i was amazed at the people i met. I've never been concerned about my stammer, but for some people... yeah anyway, this songs about my journey meeting them, and i hope them meeting me had the same effect.
  • So It SeemsThis is the song i wrote for Katie, it was also the first song i ever wrote on guitar. so now you no.
  • Gonna Go Far
  • SteveThis I wrote about all the people i met in my brothers ice cube office, the 9-5ers who keep the world running, but hate it.
  • Musings of a WondererKez n i had a jam one nite, i turned on the mic, 1 month later, we have this! notice the jimbo technique with the percussion... Cheers Nick n Liam, check them out on the Grandads Van page
  • SomedayThis is about how i cant rite songs. Sorry it;s a bit loose, consider it a moment....
  • 12/8Sorry about the bullshit lyrics on this one, but it;s hard when u;ve got 3 days to write something and it;s just not coming!! hopefully some better ones will come along soon n i'll change them.
  • Lost (the sad song)This isn;t actually how i feel, but it was an inspiration which was nice and easy to follow.
  • Multitude of memoriesThis is the last thing i did on the album. The last thing i wrote and the last thing i wrote about, thats kind why it;s last here too... Even spoony gets a mention in this one!