Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

Shit Hot Records Historical Archives

Aperzam Spong (Me, Stan, Nobby, Fingers, Mrs. Braithwaite and Algy)

Born from an amalgam of fuse wire and barnacles, thence distilled in antique copper pots, fed through muslin and infused with the choicest bilberries. Amen. Obviously, nowhere near as good as anything else featured here. Or Ben Folds. Or Bob Dylan. Or Fountains of Wayne. etc.

Inspiration: The Goodies, Alan Alda, Buttocks

  • Getting BiggerRecorded in 10 mins The slab-of-concrete that is Sonar's "Session Drummer" was added as an after thought and is utter shite. Sadly, the original individual track mix was wiped, so the drums will remain for eternity. Oh good-o.
  • Don't Change ItAlgy sings, with some help from me and Fingers. Mrs. Braithwaite plays all of the instruments except for Cor Anglais (Nobby) and Cream Soda Bottle (Stan). Recorded by a man named after a cut of pork.
  • The Girl I Can't ForgetRemembering someone is hard to do...or is it?
  • I Don't Love YouBreaking up is hard to do.....or is it?