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Adreenalize (Luca Comencini and several others musicians)

Adreenalize is the brain-child of Luca Comencini, founder member of 90's infamous industrial band"Infant Skull Surgery". The project started as a songwriting one, and one track was played on C.S.I. New York, but now Luca decided it's time to turn Adreenalize into a live band, and already we have a lot of interest from labels and managements. Adreenalize music was described as industrial drum'n'bass by some, Massive Attack with metal guitars by others. I hope you'll enjoy it, love, Luca

Inspiration: punk rock 77- industrial- Iggy- Rob Zombie- T.S.O.L- BREAKBEATS

  • Inside outthis is a remix of a song written originally by an american artist named Raven. the music was written by Adreenalize. The song was described as industrial drum'n'bass. The lyrics were written by Raven
  • Sometimes I wonderthis is an ols Adreenalize song, music written by Luca Comencini and lyrics written by Heidi Shelton
  • Visionmayb not exactly trance, but the song is about allucinations and has and indian feeling. one of Adreenalize first recording.