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Pinkmonkey (Only me, myself and i)

Sup kido's, well i have been making electronic music for about 4 years now, get a cool buzz wen people are listening to my stuff so jus check out ma tracks and tell me wat ya think of them, have fun OH before i go my influences are erm...the spice girls, girls aloud, westlife, backstreet boys, busted, McFly, and boyzone (how could i nearly forget them)... laterz kido's

Inspiration: My real influences are the chemical brothers, prodigy, faithless, audio bullys, fat boy slim, this list could go on for ever so ill leave it there for now

  • Open Your Mindthis track is not finished but i thought id put something up cos i have in ages, you guys enjoy it, feel free to mail me and tell me what you think, good or bad, thanks again, hugs and kisses x X x
  • Eat my Hisssss
  • So Close Nowsorry but this is another unfinished track, but it is nearly there, please send me your feedback, good or bad...i can take it!!!