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The Acoustic Project (Phil Simpson, Stephen Skelly, Chris Williams, Dan Hendrie)

Chris Williams and Phil Simpson have been playing music together since the age of 15, when they founded a heavy metal band, 'Cypher', in high school. In later years to come, they unwittingly played their first gig as a duo, playing one song at the annual 'Summer Evening Concert', at 'The Blackpool Sixth Form College', Lancashire. Shortly following this, more practice lead to more gigs around the local area. A four day trip to Liverpool in 2004 inspired the name 'The Acoustic Project', and they went on to play sets at two bars in the city, and even busked in Liverpool Lime St. Station, collecting 12.00 in the hour they were there... In March of 2005, they attended a music trip with the college to New York City, and performed in the atrium of the IBM Building, at the Susan. E. Wagner School, and an outdoor appearance in Washington Square Park. Unwittingly ending up at the same university, 'The Acoustic Project' relocated to Scarborough, North Yorkshire. After appearing at several of the various open mic and 'jam' sessions in and around the local pubs of the area, gigs of their own followed, and ultimately the organisation and running of the weekly 'Bacchus Acoustic Open Mic Night'. A four track eponymous demo was also recorded during their first year at Scarborough. As the third organiser of the open mic night in Scarborough, Stephen Skelly, also a fellow Blackpudlian and local music promoter, joined the lineup to play guitar, shortly followed by the recruiting old friend Dan Hendrie to play bass. As a four piece, the summer of 2006 was the main starting point - 'The Acoustic Project' played frequently around the Lancashire area at their own gigs, playing support slots and at private parties. The band are currently working on lots of new material and are in the process of moving back to Scarborough for semester two of university...

Inspiration: Simon & Garfunkel, Biffy Clyro