Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Table For Four (Ringo Pal, James Walker, Scott Harland, Joe Henry)

It all started a year ago, James O'Reilly aka Ringo and Scott Harland met at university, both discovering each others love of music and drinking, they decided to form a band, but as time went on they realized that it would take to much effort, so they sacked it off, they still played music together at open mic nights around scarborough but didn't bother with the whole band thing.The pair grew a following due to their comical approach to music, and were praised by many different types of audiences. The end of university was looming and the acoustic duo were so bored they decided to form a band, hiring the services of James Walker and Phill on drums and guitar. The band played together a week after forming and were a huge success despite Ringo and Scott drinking over 18 pints between. The band split up due to the end of university but each member promised to stay faithful to Table For Four. The Summer. The summer went and the band were back together when they returned to university, with a change of line up, Joe Henry was to replace Phil, the band now lives together apart from James who lives with Luke and Sp8 (lighting). Table For Four now have stable line-up and the time to progress, FACT. December Update. After a few months back together, and things are going well, the band help run a weekly band night at Sigma, Scarborough where they play regulary along with other bands from around Yorkshire. In the New Year the band plan to get gigs around Yorkshire and surrounding areas, York/Leeds/Hull etc, so if you are reading this and like what you here, get in contact! Hope you all ave a good Christmas and New Year...

Inspiration: Oasis, The Strokes, Libertines,The Jam, etc etc etc

  • Save My SoulNew song, have a listen/download! Let us know what you think on our Myspace. Song has changed a bit since we recorded it but its pretty much the same! Cheers.
  • Casino JoeFirst full band demo, Enjoy!!
  • Identity