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_Origin Ablaze_ (Lauren Cleverly, Tom Blenkiron)

Origin Ablaze are a female-fronted rock group from Scarborough, and have been creating music on and off since 2006. Lauren Cleverly (vocals) and Tom Blenkiron (guitars) first met in 2005, during the hayday of the thriving Scarborough music scene, and shared the same bill on many occasions in their previous bands Grass Chimney, Shallow Dreams and Diminished Society (all sadly deceased). When both found themselves hungry to make music again, they both tapped into each others taletns, and discovered that they were exactly what each other needed to create that 'sound' that they both sought after. So, after beginning their musical journey at the Beached Academy 2006, within a week, their first song 'Redirect' was written, recorded and debuted at the annual Beached Festival in their hometown of Scarborough, in front of approximately 1000 onlookers. However, the project was soon forced to be put on hold due to both members comittments to their musical educational studies at seperate colleges. In February 2007, 'Redirect' was re-recorded, acoustically, paritally to allow the duo to experiment with different sounds, but mostly due to lack of other musicans (as Origin Ablaze only has two permenant members, they currently rely on bringing in other people to record and play with them live.) Despite the long break between projects, determined not to let a good thing pass by, the two joined with the Beached Academy inititive again in 2007, and stretched their talents and collaberated even furthur, creating the track 'Apathetic Aphasiac' (meaning 'unfeeling, unspeaking'), a massive achievement for all involved. The future looks uncertain for Origin Ablaze, time moves on, people move on, people change... But with any luck, this project will be able to move on with it all, and gradually, things will move on even furthur for the Scarborough duo. So let us know what you think! All feedback, critique and comments are more than appreciated.

Inspiration: A Perfect Circle, Evanescence, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Auf der Maur..anything will emotion, passion and bollocks!