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PLUNKETT (Ian Plunkett, Lara Bartocci Plunkett)

Both Ian and Lara had a love for music from a very early age. Lara chose the piano, Ian the guitar. After studying music ( Theory, midi, harmony and sound engineering) at Rome , Lara became a partner of Dune Records an independent Italian label. Ian had always played in bands and after finally finding like minded musicians the band Pukromo' was born. In late 1999 they signed to Dune records recording their debut album Promise Me Kill Me' during 2000. Unfortunately, the album was never released, the band split and Dune Records closed down But Lara and Ian got together. With a desire to write songs and disillusioned with the music business, they wrote for themselves. Without any thought or the pressure of trying be anything other than that. Themselves.

Inspiration: nick drake, the who, bob dylan, simon & garfunkel, the beatles, johnny cash

  • Just RiseThis song is taken from '14 days' album. To listen to the entire CD preview got to
  • The Riverthis song is taken from '14 days' album. To listen to a preview of the entire CD visit