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Chris Cooper ()

I am a musician at the University of Hull studying creative music and am currently in my second year. This site is really about sharing what i have produced/written/learned? so far. I am the Drummer in the Scarborough based band Moonjuice however i wanted to try and be creative in different ways. Since moving to Scarborough from home (Birmingham) i have picked up a lot of skills in producing and now try and spend as much of my spare time as i can writing. I work using Ableton live and CubaseSX and a variety of external synths and i record all other instruments myself in my home studio, however i want to work with other musicians, producers, singers and so on to learn from and collaborate with. So if you count yourself as one of those and are up for it give me a shout. Live Perfomances of our own music mixed with live Dj sets can now be seen. Keep checking for gig updates.

Inspiration: 2 Many DJ's ---------- Massive Attack ---------- FC Kahuna---------- Lemon Jelly---------- Boards of Canada---------- Mum---------- The Album Leaf ----------Air---------- Death in Vegas--------- DJ Shadow---------- Fatboy Slim---------- Lamb--------- Orbi