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mrredeyez (me)

MR REDEYEZ born Phillip Dunn is a mc from Decatur Ga with concepts and strong lyrical content appeared on 106 n park freestyle friday battle open up for artist such as Rakim to lil jon & eastside boys he is also a student a A.I.U. in buckhead Ga for media productions not only does he rap he shoots his on videos and make album covers. Currently working on his 2006 release he's aiming for the majors, with 5 cds successfully sold out the trunk of his car, mom and pop stores and anywhere else he can talk to people he learn his share of marketing and promoting a product.Redeyez also shot a couple of his own videos and released a major Greyhound commercial.Redeyez is definetly a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

Inspiration: God Outkast