Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Paradise (Frank Kelly:Vocals-Guitar, Blaze D.:Guitar-Vocals, Fred Kelly:Bass. Pat Sayers:Drums)

Paradises legend... Montreal-based Paradise releases a scorcher of an album with members of Voivod as special guests! Paradise was born from an original and eccentric imaginary, combining loud music, heavy riffs, and Polynesian pop art to deliver an intense sound backed up by explosive visuals. They were the very first band to record volcanic rock. The story began in Montreal during the heat waves of summer 2002, Jet Phil and Frank Kelly both playing the rock scene with their respective band, are enjoying strawberry daiquiris when they suddenly discovered a common unyielding passion for pop tiki art. No longer than a few power riffs later, Paradise took shape. Now, Paradise is surprising the world with another powerful and colorful rock record. To continue in the same direction than the previous album, they will guide us through their journey on the road, with songs named after famous and even infamous hotels around the world. What better canvas for the imagination than a road trip! The band benefited from the help of notorious musicians such as : Michel Away Langevin (Voivod) , Mike Plant (Sword, Too Many Cooks), Xavier Cafne and Richard Eusanio. The mix and mastering were done in New York city by Glen Robinson. If you wish to fully experience the music of Paradise, play it loud, party hard and get a cheap hotel room !! Watch out for those fuzzy dices and tiki nodders as they drive their customized Hot Rod machine full speed ahead, crushing everything in their path. Dont miss the trip !

Inspiration: Judiest Priest, Motley Crue. Dio,...