Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Mister Jim ()

too much of some, not enough of another and a little this and that.

Inspiration: l.s.d, monty python, aphex twin, beck, terry pratchett, noam chomsky, floyd, chemical brothers, free parties, flying rhino and love

  • The Dancesomething i was screwing around with combined with a bit of a rant about flirting with someone elses girlfriend. lord love the plug-in
  • sci-fi hardcorei don't really have an explanation for this tune yet. i'll let you know what the therapists say..... but at least the master gets laid!
  • on a journeyjust a few memories that were cluttering up my head. this was to draw a line under the last ten years up until i got to Scabby. tried to make it sound like a random wasted jam at someone's house.
  • burnthis is a tune from my old band - Manimal. we went the way of the world after a disastrous attempt to rule Ibiza with guitars was followed by the guitarist fucking the singers girlfriend. what are you gonna do.......