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Poverty Row (G. Garcia, R. Gonzalez, L. Lyons) How would you describe the band if you were a pressman or an editor? R. Gonzales (bass, vocals, programming): Industrial. G. Garcia (lead vocals, programming): Old school influenced. J. Lyons (synthesizers, programming, sequencing): A dark and twisted mass of sounds and sights. MMC: Why did you choose your name? JL: I thought it was fitting. RG: I suggested it among others and the guys liked it so we used it. GG: yeah, it's was of Ricky's design. In the beginning, when the band first came together, Ricky had come up with this extensive list of band names and Poverty Row was on it. we were all kind of scratching our heads at the moment as to the most appropriate moniker and it wasn't really a priority at that point cos' we were producing so much music. that's where all the energy and focus was. in the music, so we fostered the attitude of 'well, when it comes we'll know it.' it was the most painful and tedious part of the the entire process for me personally. we all kind of just kept procrastinating and procrastinating and telling each other that it would come. and finally we each separately looked at that list Ricky had compiled and Poverty Row just seemed right and we all called each other and were like 'so what do you think of Poverty Row?' and we were on the same page with and that was that. MMC: What type of music do you play? JL:Poverty Row is a mix of all our influences. Its hard to say. I really love hard EBM, gothic industrial, new wave, trance, jungle, the list just keeps going. Elements from all that shows through. As well as all the influences from the other guys. GG: The modern version of what industrial was when it first began with bands like Throbbing Gristle and Skinny Puppy. I'm really into industrials first steps. RG: I'm playing all electronic based music right now with a few people and I have my own stuff I work on (Electrowaste). I play bass and program shit. MMC: How long have you been together? GG: Not even a half year. About three months maybe? RG: Sometime in March 2006. JL: We got together around March 26th of 2006, I guess. MMC: What have you released to date? RG: ("Disorder") our debut EP/demo(D.I.Y) on 06/06/06. JL: Not much. MMC: When are you planning your next release? JL: ASAP. We are all songwriters. Some better than others, so I'm sure you'll hear about a new release very soon. GG: yeah, we're already working on the next release. we've got a nice catalog of songs to pick and choose from that didn't make this first one, plus everytime we get together to work on something from that catalog of songs, we usually end up writing a new song. it's all a matter of what excites us out of all the songs enough to make a collective effort to share it with everyone. MMC: What is your favorite song to perform and Why? JL: I really love playing Eyes In Snow live because of it's raw energy and force. Plus, I only actualy play the synth on the chorus. The rest of the time im just making noise. GG: For me, it's "Eat You." it was sort of harsh and unbalanced when we first recorded that demo and when we practiced it for the first time, it just became so intense and aggressive and spontaneous. and the more we played it, the more violent it seemed to get. it almost becomes possessive of me when we play it. it's very demanding of my attention and forces me to go somewhere in my head that I don't ever really get the pleasure to go except when that song hits. I love it. RG: I dont have a favorite song to perform with this band yet. MMC: Who are the best bands you performed with? RG: None yet either. GG: none here either. I think it's because we're always shoved into a show with screamo bands. we shove back. MMC: Where are you planning for your next shows? JL: Some shitty pizza joint. RG: Locally (Bakersfield, CA),Fresno and, of course, L.A. and the bay area. GG: yeah, we'll tout our show around here in Bakersfield for a spell and let the locals get familiar with us and either love us or hate us then we hope hit the Fresno like Ricky said, LA, Santa Cruz scenes. visit more of California and make friends with like-minded folks. I'd really like to hit the junior highs and high schools if the guys are cool with that. I think that could be real fun. MMC: Any last words? JL: Please dont settle for whats out there. GG: Go internet. The final frontier of free expression! RG: One of these days I'll Salvadorize the world! taken from

Inspiration: Brother Theodore, Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy, Einstrzende Neubauten, Bauhaus, Laibach, Nitzer Ebb, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK, NON, Kraftwerk, Ministry, Brian Eno, Wendy Carlos, Jim Goad and Debbie Goad, Autechre, Godflesh, My Bloody Valentine