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Remedy 101 Also have a look at Also there is MR Saltzman Down tempo page -> <p> Friends of Remedy 101 <p> Don Ramos ramos Modus Operand BeGrimed "Please prepare your ears" Euphonize <p> Influences: <p> Inspirational Artists <p> <p> Black Crows/ Led Zeppelin/ Curtis Mayfield/ <p> Miles Davis/ The Kinks/ Fun Lovin Criminals/ Pink Floyd/ <p> Velvet under ground/ Bob Dylan/ Rolling Stones/ <p> Frank Zapper/ Ozzy Osborn/ Metallic/ <p> Red-hot Chilli peppers/ Hole/ Byork/ <p> Chemical Brothers/ Craft Cuts / Cash Money/ <p> Z Trip / Stone Roses / Ian Brown/ <p> The Beatles/ Razor Light/ Jules Holland/ <p> AI/ Groove Rider/ Fabio/ <p> Calibre/ High Contrast/ Mc Fats/ <p> Flux/ Mc Conrad/ The one and Conrad/ <p> Suv Lemon D/ Dillinger / LTJ Bukem/ <p> Brian G/ Patife/ Marky/ <p> TC / Jakes / Nu Tone/ <p> London Electricity/ Lean Carroll/ Jungle drummer/ <p> Sasha/ John Dig weed / Scratch Perverts/ <p> Dj yoda / Cojack / Pearl jam / <p> John Coltrane / Andy Worhol / John Lennon / <p> Stamina Mc / Don Ramos / Modus Operandi / <p> Begrimed/ Euphonise/ Alix Perez / <p> Stevie Wonder/ Jamie Cullum / Frank Sinatra / <p> Nancy Sinatra/ Giles Peterson/ In spiral carpets / <p> Eric Clapton/ Early Nas/ Tribe Called Quest / <P> De La Soul/ Jurassic Five/ Dr Dre/ Mos Def/ <p> The Jam / Stevie Ray Vaughn/ Eric Bib/ <p> Future Sound of London/ Aphex Twin/ Square pusher/ Fun lovin criminals/<p> Gil Scott-Heron/ Byork/ Buena Vista Social Club/ <p> Tigerstyle/ krafty cuts/ Bent/ Monkey Swallows the Universe/<p> And Many Many More