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I use to be a resident dj at a radio station in london and also played as a resident in a club in boston where I live. Plus I been raving since january 1993 and still go. I love it, the happy atmosphere and loud pounding hardcore music. I been making music now for about 3-4 years and since i've been on my own it's taken me a long time to learn how to properly master the art of making music.I've had so much bad luck along the way slowing me down like computer viruses and hard drives bhreaking down etc.. But now i'm going on strong so i'll keep on making hardcore and hard techno and continue to get better at producing these styles. (Its a very technical business making music).

Inspiration: Artists & djs like dougal, slipmatt, luna-c, billy bunter, sy, seduction, top buzz etc..

  • society of raversThis song is about how the young people of today are taking drugs like wizz and e's. Its ok to do it safely but a lot of people dont do it safely and then give drugs like ecstacy and amphetamine such a bad name by dying. Its like alcahol, people drink too much then get fighting and die from alcahol poising. This song breaks into the happy trance lead and then goes suddenly intoi the more serious sounding trance lead to kind of express how things may be going good anf you may be happy but then if you get reckless and dont take care, can take a sudden shift into serious.