Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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the bays (stu and beechy)

we are a two man project at the moment, also looking for other musicians to join us (a scratchy dj would be awsome), based in scarborough we hope to start giging soon but our focus is purely on writing and recording. i dont know what other bands we sound like but the songs just come out like they come out, we dont realy concentrate on a certain kind of sound, oh yes any cello players are also welcome...its a beechy thing !..but seriously cello players are welcome, like that bit at begining of air of them. get in touch at put you on the mailing list if ya want

Inspiration: radiohead led zep,nine inch nails, postal service, johnny cash, pink flord, kraftwork, take that, bob dylan, dick dale, mc hammer, orvil. right said fred to lie about a few.

  • Suprisethis song was inspired by a thunder storm....there you go.
  • coldstrange song for you, gives a good idea of the direction we are going
  • How much i want you