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Jools (Jus me an my dawg)

Used to write tunes for Salisbury band Sylvester with my great mates Dick and John. These are more acoustic based tunes I've written since being at uni, more for me than anyone else really but I'd be stoked to know what people think of them! They're pretty straight up and honest lyric wise, hope you like! J xxx

Inspiration: Whatever's happening, wherever I am...

  • Summer DaysI wrote this one round march/april time. Kind've irrelevant now but hope it makes you smile if you can get round my shocking voice and guitar playing!
  • Pretty GirlThis one's a bit of a reaction to celebrity culture. I'm sure they're nice people really! Um anyway, 'scuse the sloppy guitar work - I'll get round to redoing them at some point! Let me know you're views if you're bored, otherwise hope you enjoy... Peace out hombres.J x
  • Not Again...Bit of a Ani Difranco pastiche this one - sorry Ani! Thanks once again for giving my lil songs a listen, be cool to know what y'all think. Otherwise, hope it finds you with a smile and a cup of tea... :) J x
  • Be AlriteFinally plucked up the courage to add another song, huge thanx to everyone who's listened to and liked Summer Days - haven't stopped smiling!! This one's a jangly/folky/poppy tune written for a very good friend the other nite. Hope you enjoy, stay stoked... J
  • Sunshine In a JarOnce again, massive thanks to everyone who's listened to my acoustic ramblings! This one breaks the folky trend, recording skills project... Cheers to the man Johns for pressing record when I was hitting drums, the rest is just me in my humble room. Hope this finds y'all happy anyway, be really interested to know what u think. Oh yeah, cheers to Gary and Shaun for use of guitars and tuners an stuff, and the seagulls for their vocals... Thanks again!!! J x
  • Hot Weather (feat. Jon Rice)
  • Pretty Little Town
  • Let's Go Jump Off Waterfalls
  • S.A.D. Song
  • Undiscovered Dub
  • Things To Adore
  • Song for Bo
  • Why Does Every Summer Have to End?
  • Outro
  • Summer Days (redone!)