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Blair ()

Born and grew up in Hong Kong but from Scotland, which is why i have a weird accent, doing music tech at Hull uni with most of these dudes, aaauuwwright -Hope you like my tunes, when i actually get them on the site ;-) The Siren was part of creative studio skills which went quite well, tried out a couple of new things on it, currently working on some metal tunes which i will be recording hopefully soon after summer when the studios are open again... PEACE

Inspiration: Mainly listen to metal but love all kinds of stuff, can't pinpoint an specific influence

  • The SirenLyrics by Jon Rice, music by Blair
  • Timid WatersThis is an electro-acoustic piece that i did for ea composition, turned out to be quite a bit more interesting than i thought. It's quite dark and sinister at times with some interesting sounds, eery is a good word for it!