Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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To Die In Paris (Lee "Ozzie" Ward - Guitar/Vocals Jacob Thundercliffe - Vocals Scott Broughton - Guitar Olie Spur - Bass Chris Lee - Drums)

Well how do we begin! We all have been writing and playing in other bands along the years (shallow Dreams, Phoenix Down, Hi-Fi Drive By, Morning Drive, Pony Club, Puritan) Oz has been writing for a long time trying to create a define sound and finding someone who has similar beliefs about music and what its all about!Then meeting Jacob and recording anything and everything, he found his match! At first it was just Oz and Jacob but as this band needed a big impact...then they arranged to have a jam with a few guys they had their eyes on (in a none gay way!) Scott Broughton, Chris Lee and Olie Spurr creating 'To Die In Paris' It was hard finding members who 'clicked' with the sound we wanted (scotty-wild,progressive&tight just mint!) (Ollie-Fatlines,always experimentin!) (Chris-fast,tight,hard and arms for fisting!) and after our first Jam we had 4 to 5 songs nearly ready to go... This band is for meaning, putting all out big influences into our music and creating a sound that swallows your heart and soul! Going through topics that will relate to you, Were not ones for fake promotion like smoke machines and strobe lights, were here to rock out and hopefully meet new people... Hope to see you all soon... x x xTDIPx x x

Inspiration: Far, Coheed and Cambria, Blink 182, Brand New, Funeral For A Friend, Gratitude, Vendatta Red, The Movielife, Thrusday, Underoth, Taking Back Sunday. plus many more