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Club Le Shark (Tristan Palumbo, Jo Lambert, Ned Davis, Mark Potter)

Club Le Shark are a hard loud rock'n'roll band oozing with love, alcohol and testosterone. They play aggressive bluesy classic punk rock. They'll sing about having a good time and they'll show you how to have a good time! Club Le Shark are an incredible live band with huge riffs, magnificant choruses, hair bleetchin' and guitar screetchin! Club Le Shark formed in December 05 in the south of the UK where they are consistantly making a mark with thier brilliantly-crafted live shows. With a full-length album currently in the works Club Le Shark and are poised to rip up the south coast in the coming year. Look out for them in a venue near you!

Inspiration: Alice Cooper, T Rex, Guns n Roses, Queen, Prince