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The Operator (mph)

[size=17]In the Beginning...[/size] Shout out to the Nottingham massive, especially the [color=red][size=13]Mighty Reds![/size][/color] [size=17]Take Note:[/size] All tracks are working demos - not the finished article. When I create enough material to make an album I'll be mastering and finalising all the tracks. Thanks - [color=silver]Euphonize[/color] [size=17]Equipment Used:[/size] [list] [*]iMac Intel Core Duo [*]Garageband 3 [*]M-Audio Evolution MK - 449c [*]Yamaha PSR - 185 [*]Carlsbro Colt Keyboard Amp [*]Westfield 6 String Electric Guitar [*]Eltax Monitor 3's [*]Warrior BPM140 by Prolight [*]Sony Minidisc Recorder [/list] [size=17] Influences:[/size] Influences: Ace of Base Arctic Monkeys Armin Van Buuren Babyshambles Basement Jaxx Blank & Jones Blink 182 Blur Candee Jay Coldplay Dee Dee Embrace Faithless Ferry Corsten Floorfilla Fred Baker Gaz West Gnarls Barkley Ian Van Dahl Jack Johnson Marco V Mark Norman Mike Foyle Oasis Orson Paul Van Dyk Penguin Cafe Orchestra Primal Scream Public Domain Snow Patrol Tiesto The Go! Team The Killers The Libertines The Stereophonics The Stone Roses The Strokes Tiesto UB40 Yoji Biomehanika

Inspiration: See above

  • Hardcore DJ's (Instrumental Demo)28 channels of audio and its still not done. You've got the instrumental release I'm afraid. I wasn't happy with the vocals I recorded using my computers built in mic so you're gonna have to wait until I can get my audio interface and a decent mic. Enjoy. [i]Copyright[/i] Michael Hanley 2006
  • OriginsManaged to finalize the mix but lost a lot of quality converting to mp3. I may yet re-edit the drums. Anyway, it's all your's to inspect. Suggestions would be appreciated. [i]Copyright[/i] Michael Hanley 2006
  • Deux[b]Finally[/b] managed to mix this track down. These loops have been going round my head for ages now. I gotta get rid of them. I'm leaving this track online for a while to concentrate on something else. [color=orange]Civi[/color]. [i]Copyright[/i] Michael Hanley 2006
  • Silence (Euphonize Remix)
  • Forest of EmotionsFor a point I thought I'd come to a dead end with the direction of the track. After a bit of tweaking, and a bit of a change to the form, the mix kinda made itself. It's not perfect, just an indication of whats to come. Also, the bassline tends to get a bit hot in places (so watch your speakers). I'm gonna come back to it at a later date to work on it some more. So for now - See ya. [i]Copyright[/i] Michael Hanley 2006
  • EuphonizeThe initial idea was made a few weeks ago. I've spent the weekend putting it together. This track was a good learning curve and a pleasure to work with. Having been mixed down in a different way to previous tracks, I may use this technique again. Enjoy. [i]Copyright[/i] Michael Hanley 2006