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Tommy (Tommy)

Small time, looking to go big time, singer/songwriter who's to start gigging very soon with an acoustic set. From Bonhill in the Vale of Leven, Tommy has been playing and writing for over 10 years now and has built up quite a repertoire of material over the years. Here you can download all these tracks free and listen until your hearts content. 3 of the above songs were performed by the Whisky Bandits, 2 of which are taken from their demo and 1 from a Live gig at Ivory Blacks in the Emergenza Contest 2005. A Song For... is a tribute to a friend, Denis McLaughlin. Love and Peace Head to for more music and more information on Tommy's future gig's.

Inspiration: Oasis, Nirvana, The Smiths, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Neil Young, Richard Ashcroft, Johnny Cash,