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Funge collective (Kristian Rodgers, Matt Clubb, Steve Jones, Sueleen Fletcher, Phil Hall, luke jordan, Dave doherty)

Funge is a unique name I invented to describe my band, Hot buttered muffin. We werent really playing rock or grunge, but at the same time, you couldnt really describe it as funk. So, yeah my new word Funge was perfect. As time went on, we played more gigs, wrote more songs, and gathered more fans. Our family grew bigger, and we began to inspire other bands with our wacky but powerful style of music. After playing an awesome show at the Dublin and Castle in Camden, London, Steve Lemacq from radio one hailed us as a band with charisma, integrity, originality, and one of Britains brightest hopes, After a while, a few labels approached us, but we decided this wasnt the road to pursue. So we fight on, creating new music, entertaining people, and keeping it real and underground. This is very important for us The Funge collective consists of three bands. Hot Buttered Muffin, Amber room, and the Liquid fool. All three are completely different in styles. Hot buttered muffin have written somewhere in the region of three hundred songs unique and original songs. The Liquid fool and Amber room also have a large number between them. The collective is now reaching out for other bohemian wanderers like ourselves. We are promoting on the internet, as well as in reality. We are looking for other real and talented souls, that arent in it for the money. Just for fun and creativity..

Inspiration: All sorts!

  • Bennies FarewellThis is a typical tune of one part of the collective, "the liquid fool". Completely different to the other two band, it is funky, fresh and unusual...
  • Back PorchA nice mellow tune to weigh up the weirdness of the liquid fool. Melancholy and lo-fi, yet refreshing and uplifting from Amber room. Enjoy.
  • Timmy (live)Hard to pick a song for this band (Hot buttered muffin), as we have over 300 now. We were called "Britains brightest hope" by Steve lemacq from Radio one. All fans have a different im going to pick one at random. Ah. Its Timmy. Live. Enjoy:)