Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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Fumo (Danny-vocals, Paris-Guitar, Martin-Bass, Dick-drums)

So what is Fumo? Fumo is the Frente Unida de Moçambique which roughly translates into the United front of Mozambique. These brave warriors fought for their independence from Portugal up until 1974 when they won their freedom. Meanwhile thousands of miles away in Sheffield some poor woman gave birth to a Paris Phipps, he didnt know it at the time but 26 years later he would be instrumental in the reformation of this glorious movement. Hazy nights at local hotspot NY Sushi turned into foggy mornings andit was at one of these occasions that resident MC E-LL was introduced to a rag tag bunch of musicians, Dick, Paris, Martin and Scott (the ***t) Boyce. Within two weeks Fumo (after a 26 year break!) were reborn and blasting their unique noise to a bewildered public who found themselves in the now defunct Mojos. The next year flew by as promoters chomped at the bit to book Fumo. Living the dream took its toll on the band and the thieving keyboardist was ostracised from the band. He was last seen in Brighton. The band drifted apart occasionally citing the fabled comeback. This eventually happened in the summer of 2005 and now the Fumo movement is back. These four activists are more dedicated than ever before doing what is right for mankind in these bleak times that are the noughties. If the Arctic Monkeys are the darlings of Sheffield then Fumo are the bstrd sons.

Inspiration: early nighties drum n bass, late sixties rock n roll!!