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Tom Sutton-Roberts (Me)

Just finished studying Creative Music Technology at Hull University, Scarborough Campus. Got a 2:1 BA (Hons). Get in there! I've put up a selection of the range of stuff that I do. My full Long Study album Living By Numbers is now online apart from the instrumentals. I tend to write songs alone and with my co-writer Mark Murphy, and get musicians to play the instruments I can't play (ie: anything that hasn't got a keyboard). My main instrument is piano. Take it easy. [b][color=yellow]Please do rate my songs as soon as you listen to them so I have an idea of what people's first impressions are. If you've got more to say you can use the forum to make other comments.[/b][/color] [b][color=red]Graphics by Rosie Sutton-Roberts and myself.[/b][/color] [b]All music and words Copyright Tom Sutton-Roberts and Mark Murphy 1999-2006.[/b]

Inspiration: Difficult...let me think about it.

  • No One's Looking DownThis song might have worked better with a rougher voice. [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2005[/b].
  • Remember The Days RevisitedRe-recording for Living by Numbers 2006. [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2004[/b].
  • Ave MariaJust a bit of fun playing with Gregorian Chants and synths. [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2004[/b].
  • Sex AppealBonus track from album - just for fun. Missing 'And now for something different' sample from Monty Python for legal reasons! Drums: Michael Levy Bass: Tom Marsden Guitar: Nick Long Backing vocals: Dave Ball [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2006[/b].
  • VoicesWanted to see if a piece made purely from vocal sounds was possible. [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2006[/b].
  • Temptress (New Beginning)Thought I'd uploaded this one. This is the tune where the Rick Astley soundalike comes from. Very poppy, cheesy synth, the lot. Enjoy. [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2005[/b].
  • Coffee Cup TableRe-recording for Living by Numbers 2006. Cello: Jim Brewer [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2005[/b].
  • No ReasonDedicated to Lee Jordan. [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2004[/b].
  • A Thousand ThoughtsA tongue-in-cheek song about not being able to write a song. Drums: Michael Levy Bass: Tom Marsden Guitar: Nick Long [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2006[/b].
  • Earth BoundDrums: Michael Levy Acoustic Guitar/Bass: Mark Murphy [b]Copyright [/b] Murphy/Sutton-Roberts [b]2006[/b].
  • Living By NumbersDrums: Michael Levy Acoustic Guitar: Dave Ball Bass: Mark Murphy [b]Copyright [/b] Murphy/Sutton-Roberts [b]2006[/b].
  • Never EndingDrums: Michael Levy Guitar/Bass: Mark Murphy [b]Copyright [/b] Tom Sutton-Roberts [b]2006[/b].
  • Story of the Field MiceAcoustic Guitar: Mark Murphy [b]Copyright [/b] Murphy/Sutton-Roberts [b]2006[/b].