Shit Hot Recordsest. 2005

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This Elegant Universe (Katrina Thiessen, Charletta Erb and Heather Mullen)

We're a newly formed group, made from one part Canadian (Katrina), one part American (Charletta) and one part Londoner (Heather).New as we are, it already looks like flowing, moving, ethereal music is the kind of thing we're going to be doing. So far we've recorded one song with Adam (DAT-Machine) in the scarborough music tech studios. If you like it, tell us and we might record some of the new songs we're working on. If you really really like you can get it from us on CD plus a possible B-Side stripped down version for something ridiculously cheap like 70p

  • Venus Is GoneKatrina Thiessen - Lead vocals & Piano Heather Mullin - Backing vocals Charletta Erb - Violin also on this track: Beth Molmen - Cello Adam Misrahi - Keyboards Thanks to Jim Brewer for lending his lovely sounding cello Thanks also to Ben Mercer for going out of his way to make sure we had equipment.